The Barbarian Horde

No tame compliance bends the belligerent spirit of any hill-bred barbarian. For each new-hatched savage is quickly weaned and clamors not for a pacifier, but a tomahawk between his budding teeth!

Adaptations achieved by Nature assure excellent blood in barbarian veins, though some sadly has been vitiated by cannibal propensities. Cave drawings verify the modern Horde descends from the indomitable Ice Tribes who still make their rough living through the hyperborean winter on the tundra.

Eldest of the clan is Gutbelly Twofeather, the savage trader. His bold spirit would dare a thousand devils, yet his simple self-collectedness seems a Socratic wisdom. Many a traveler, unwittingly trespassing across territorial scent markers, has wisely purchased his life from Twofeather with bracelets, bead necklaces and other toys.

The pack's organization is hierarchical. The strongest and most cunning, Achilles seized the position of Chief, while the weakest, Walker serves as the Omega scapegoat. Always near is Wyrmbane , an ambitious Beta whose purpose is to overthrow the Chief at the first sign of waning primacy. Such is the Law of Club and Fang, which maintains the social order and the survival of the entire Horde.

All barbarians live in the wild where they are hardened by the savage lands that offer neither peace nor rest nor a moment's safety, only peril and the need to be constantly alert. On occasion, the horde assembles like an eruption of bears from Labrador to spend their accumulated fund of wrath by sacking vital regions of the civilized world. Superstitious and hateful of magic, the Horde on those occasions, always includes temples of the Serpent in its waste-laying.

Only Fighters, Rogues, Predators, Druids, and some races of Clerics will be accepted by the Horde.