Administration and Joining the Coding Team

Current Arches are Magnafix, Traveller, and Agathezol. The Arches are responsible for ensuring that Leviathan is balanced with regard to costs of skills as compared to their benefit, toughness of monsters, and effectiveness of weapons and armour. They also must approve all new code before it enters the field of play, and they serve as "janitors," chasing down bugs and developing the mudlib. Traveller serves as Law, enforcing the rules of the mud and doling out punishments. The other arches can override his decisions if they see fit, though this has yet to happened.

All the Arches spend a great deal of time making improvements to the mud via new areas, skills, and features as well.

Elders are the coders whose skill and dedication have afforded them slightly greater privilege and responsibility on Leviathan. Cc is creator and maintainer of the player shops. He also helps out with bugs and developing the mudlib. Metatron is on sabbatical.

Current active wizards are Chadose, Macros, Moridin, Hiro, Galen, Thom, and Zop. These are the coders whose sole responsibility is to create more cool stuff for the reality of Leviathan.

Apprentice wizards are anonymous unless they choose to announce themselves. Their sole responsibility is to learn how to code and pass their "wiztest" at which point they are promoted to Wizard, with all the rights, freedoms, and ability to wreak havoc that entails. Please leave them alone. They cannot code anything for you and doing so can cost them their apprenticeship.

Joining the Coding Team

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