11 Basic Character Classes


At level 30, and every 30 levels thereafter, players have the option of adding another class to their repertoire. Aside from racial and alignment restrictions, the selection of classes to choose from is completely up to individual tastes, and thousands of unique combinations are available. Multiclassed characters gain more easily improveable stats and skills, but require more experience points to advance levels.


Sounds of the Barbarians:
"Hail and Kill" (3rd stanza)
[363k wav]

"Hail and Kill" (chorus)
[337k wav]

Both clips by Manowar.
Serpent Freefighter
Taste the blood of your enemies in Guild War!

ANSI support

Among our many excellent features is our full ANSI support. If you're using a modern, graphical browser, you should see an approximation of a screen copy from Leviathan below. Room descriptions in white, exit directions in green, objects in magenta, and living things in red.

Equius welcomes you lovingly to Victory Square, citizen. The sounds of quarrels, street hawkers, and the shouts of children chasing orange peels over the cobblestones caress your ears. Victory Square is the pride of our city, a ravine of tall leprous buildings lurching towards one another in queer attitudes as though frozen in the act of collapse. This place has been vandalized by Konan the Barbarian.

There are four obvious exits: north, south, west and east.
Phargo the mesmerizer

A muffler bin, a wooden sign, Message board [37], and Tall gray monument are here.

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