In ancient times, a thousand centuries before the dawn of history, there was The Serpent. Gruesome and voracious, a magician and deceiver, it led great masses of non-believers to their destruction.

Three score generations of desperate folk suffered the relentless wrath of The Serpent. There were no bounds to its brutal power. Then came the birth of the Age of Light.

Droves of hooded priests, misguided monks and holy warriors assaulted the formidable power of The Serpent, exiling him to a demi-plane of shadows, strife, and chaos.

Civilizations rose and fell for millenia while The Serpent fought against his extraplanar bondage. Finally, with a roar that shook the foundation of the world, The Serpent sent forth an avatar of itself, to reconquer the civilizations of men.

That avatar was named Druaga.

Now, many lifetimes later, The Serpent, through Druaga, has reestablished a core of power in our world. Dedicated to a solemn pursuit of power and sorcery, the Order of the Black Serpent has become the foremost guild of adventurers in modern history.

In recent years, following the paradigm of the Serpent, members have sought at all times to calculate the most profitable course of action, regardless of the moral implications. That course is then ruthlessly executed in the most efficient manner available.

This fact has led some sages to claim that the Order is merely a throwback to pre-history, a time of unthinking brutality and vengeance. Though the Serpents, as they are known, do not flinch at bloodshed, it is used only as a tool to achieve broader domination of those around them.

Magic is vigorously pursued and researched by the guild, as its members share an unwavering interest in all things arcane and ancient. Foremost, though, is the undying belief in the inherent superiority of the guild, and the legacy of the Great Serpent himself.