Leviathan Guild Wars

Although Leviathan is not a Playerkilling Mud, on certain occasions a complete bloodbath among the Guilds has been a fun way for players to pit themselves against the fastest, most intelligent and dangerous opponents of all.

In the original Guild Wars of 1996, Death was real. However, since then, Death during war has been reduced to a mere inconvenience and as a result more players dare to take part.

Wars are organized by the 3 Guild Leaders:

The object in War is to score as many "kills" as possible against members of other guilds. Independents who do not belong to any guild are free to form their own alliances or fight alone.

Click the links below for the WarScores of battles past.

October 9, 1997 May 24, 1998 June 7, 1998 July 11, 1999

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